Hitachi Trains trials PZP Anti-graffiti Paint Protection Coating

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International rolling stock manufacturer Hitachi Trains trial PZP anti-graffiti, hydrophobic ceramic coating on its Class 800 fleet as part of their sustainability effort to reduce the amount of harsh chemicals used.

Image: Hitachi 800 Class coated in PZP Pro Protect vs uncoated Hitachi 800 Class

Hitachi is a multi-national train manufacturer responsible for the upkeep and maintenance of over 2000 units across the UK.

Travelling in excess of 120mph, the exterior of these units is subject to adverse weather conditions in challenging environments. Dirt, grime, ballast hits and weathering can be detrimental to the aesthetic of trains.

Both interiors and exteriors can also be subject to abuse from graffiti from vandals and general wear and tear. This results in downtime while the problem area is repaired or cleaned which can be a very costly exercise for train providers internationally who aim to keep their units to a satisfactory standard for customers.

In July 2020, Sirius Technologies were awarded the opportunity to trial PZP Pro Protect paint protection coating on the exterior of Hitachi’s painted 9-car and vinyl-wrapped 5-car Class 800 units.

Image: A polished and coated Hitachi 800 Class unit vs an unpolished and uncoated Hitachi 800 Class unit.


Once cured, the coating forms a 9H diamond-strength protective shield which fills microscopic pores in paint, glass and plastic creating an ultra-smooth hydrophobic surface lasting 4 years which water, UV rays and contaminants cannot penetrate or stick to.

This slick surface means graffiti, dirt and diesel soot can no longer adhere to the paint, completely removing the need to use harsh chemicals thus prolonging the life of paint and removing the need for full resprays.

Image: Apply PZP Pro Protect to DOO cameras to prevent dirt build up for longer-lasting visibility

Once the coating has reached the end of its lifecycle it is removed using the PZP Removal Gel which gently dissolves the coating leaving the substrate below completely untouched and ready for another coating.

Over the lifetime of the average rail vehicle, the application of PZP Pro Protect presents an approximate net saving of £58,000 per car. This equates to £522,000 for a 9-car unit. Due to the ease of application, operators also benefit from a reduced downtime of approximately 55% when compared to a paint respray.

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