PZP Ceramic Polish


PZP Ceramic Polish is a coating that protects smooth, porous surfaces by creating a 9H non-porous barrier that protects against salt spray, diesel and acid rain staining. PZP Ceramic Polish offers high gloss hydrophobic protection to a wealth of different materials.

1L = 140m2 of coverage

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PZP Ceramic Polish is a pro-formulated coating solution that helps protect surfaces against every day corrosion from things such as sea spray; diesel fumes and acid rain.

It provides a long lasting, wear resistant barrier not only against the build-up of grime, but helps protect against oxidation and blocks out UV light keep paintwork looking fresher for longer.

Developed by Sirius Technologies, surfaces are protected against extreme temperatures allowing them to stay in a constant state regardless of atmospheric conditions.

Best applications include:-

  • Surfaces requiring hand application
  • Paint and composite materials
  • Handles
  • Grab poles
  • Push Plates
  • Tables
  • Metals including chrome; stainless steel; aluminium; copper and brass.
  • Toilets
  • Luggage Racks
  • DOO & CCTV lenses

No special equipment is required for the application of PZP Ceramic Polish.



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